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Review, Refresh, Renew

Hunter non Hunter episode. How do we maintain the 3R's of Review, Refresh, and Renew our lives through the outdoors? In this episode we talk to Doug Resseguie about just all of this. Featuring Special Guest Doug Resseguie

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A Pledge to the Planet/the Greatness of Earth

Another one of our very popular 'Hunter-Non-Hunter' episodes, outdoor expert Doug Resseguie, Military Vet (12 years), 3rd degree black belt, dad to 5 children and Phd candidate we talk environmental as well as resource management. Featuring Special...

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Preparing for Future Events

This week, Tom sits down with Doug Resseguie, an avid outdoorsman, black belt in karate, 12 year military vet, MBA and PhD candidate in Organizational Leadership, to hear advice on "The Event" and how to prepare for the future! Featuring Special...

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