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At The Tom Matt Show, our goal is to help everyone realize their self-worth. And since different people prefer to receive their content in different ways, we've made it a priority to share our positive vibes on all kinds of mediums.

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Begin your self-improvement journey by checking us out on any one of our platforms. Our weekly radio show is currently syndicated on the over-40-station-strong Michigan Talk Network, independent stations and PBS at Michigan State University's WKAR AM & FM radio broadcast. Heard statewide in both the lower and upper peninsulas of Michigan.

Featured Podcast

This Week's Featured Podcast

Featuring this week's guest: Amanda Chicago Lewis

I have searched for an expert to discuss my personal medical marijuana/CBD journey in the treatment of chronic pain (arthritic knees). The vacuum and lack of knowledgeable pro's willing to share knowledge was frankly outrageous. That is until I read Wired magazine's article 'Toke Detector' by Amanda Chicago Lewis. To say my wait for someone smart and willing to share knowledge has arrived. Please listen to a great discussion.

Get to know Tom Matt

When seeking out life advice, you want to make sure you're getting it from a trusted source. As a National Academy of Sports Medicine (NASM) certified trainer, fitness specialist and life coach, Tom Matt has the knowledge and experience needed to point you in the right direction. It's not by accident that he's a three-time Michigan Association of Broadcasters Excellence Award winner.

There was a point in time when Tom Matt was lost. He struggled with severe drinking and addiction problems, now 22+ years sober. However, by adopting healthy habits and kicking negative thoughts to the curb, he was able to overcome his addiction and find his calling.

Find out more about Tom Matt and how he can help guide you through your journey of self-actualization. Listen to the podcast today or check out one of his many books and blogs.

Life is a Rollercoaster

Learn how to enjoy the ride

In a world defined by cruelty and fear, it can be hard to find light in your life. Tune in to our syndicated radio show and podcast for advice on improving oneself. Boomers Rock Media is home of "The Tom Matt Show," which is now on our tenth season. Through guest appearances, truthful storytelling and professional life coaching, our show helps those looking for hope.

Before you can share love with others, you first have to love yourself. Get started today by listening to our podcast.

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Fear Not-Be Still-Know the Truth

The Tom Matt Show wants to help you achieve self-actualization

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