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Jane Curth - Whats New at Fit Fix Now

What brings you joy? What is 'Intuitive Exercise'? These topics and questions in a freewheeling adventure with the founder and former 'Silver Classix Crew' dancer Jane Curth share strategies for trainers and non trainers with her...

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Jane Curth - COVID and Wellbeing

The CEO of FitFixNow, a robust online learning platform designed for all and priced to match joins the show from Atlanta to discuss ideas, mind body, and family. Surviving and thriving, it is the Jane Curth way! Featuring Special Guest Jane Curth

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Jane Curth - Growing Older & Better in America

Tom and his Guest Jane talk about living long and dying quick, the importance of self-care (we often think of this as being selfish, but its not!) and they have a great discussion about blue zones! Featuring Special Guest Jane Curth

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