Sobriety - The ‘Catalyst’

“Believe you can and you’re halfway there.”

Theodore Roosevelt

July 28th of 2020 marked 22 years of sobriety for me, it was surreal in its arrival.

Sobriety has been the great enabler for my life; and it can be for anyone who seeks its power.

My keynote address titled ‘Ignite Your Life’ starts with the story of 20 years of a passive subjugation of my moral fiber, the ‘demon’ of alcohol, (noted in my ‘Maximize’ book, chapter 22) thankfully has been tamed.

Once you can turn that negative into a positive, harness the energy, past events become the fuel for the growth into the new you and the future.

I have patterned a section of the ‘Ignite’ keynote after Psychologist Abraham Maslow’s ‘Hierarchy of Needs’ which are-

1. Physiology- Basic need of food and water, warmth and rest

2. Safety- Feeling secure

3. Love- Intimate relationships and friends, loving yourself

4. Esteem- Feeling of accomplishment, building of your reputation

5. Self-Actualization- Achieving your potential, creative and personal growth

Sobriety is the great liberator and has been my catalyst, it has been the enabler for me to work through my personal ‘Hierarchy of Needs’. Balance in life is achieved through the journey, accepting that incremental change is the only way to the new-new you.

Loving oneself is made possible by honesty and accountability, deeply loving others is only done by self-reflection and owning the past.

The self-respect gained through building self-esteem is of paramount importance.

Fulfilling my dream, maximizing my intrinsic talent was accomplished through actualization.

Transcendence, going beyond your limiting beliefs, helping others find their footing builds solid moral character. It is the foundation to a life of meaning and purpose.

Doing this you-

· Empower yourself

· See the beauty of living

· Open your soul to happiness

· Find your true calling, and

· Tame the demon


My door is always open to talking about alcohol and substance abuse issues, coaching others is my personal transcendence. Just drop me an email ,