S-Cubed/ Soft Skills & Success

“Leadership is not something that you learn once and for all. It is an ever-evolving pattern of skills, talents, and ideas that grow and change as you do”.

Sheila Murray Bethel

Is Squishy a good thing or a bad thing?

As I prepared for a new speech on leadership called ‘S-Cubed-Leadership in the 21st Century’ I posed the title to my personal advisor. “Is this a good title”, I asked. His response was “well it depends if you mean squishy or not, you need to be clear on the word ‘soft’.

Point well taken; here is my take for our sisters and brothers who fall into the boomer demographic, (and actually everyone who does not). Soft Skills can potentially make or break a business, a team, relationship, a family or a friendship.

Times have changed in the 21st century.

What we do, how we relate, how we give back, how we stay connected is critical to a healthy and happy long productive life.

Squishy will not get us there!

Everyone has leadership skills and potential, we are conditioned to stay in our comfort zones and therefore it is sometimes hidden, perhaps ‘de-conditioned’. We can work on this through self-improvement.

Soft Skills & Success, 21st Century Leadership touches on caring about people, connecting with people and communicating with people to accomplish the desired goals and objectives. We are basically people oriented rather than task oriented.

As our second act, transition, or encore careers and lives continue to come into focus, success will be predicated on relational and experiential knowledge transfer. Who better to lead intergenerational change than us?

Living a life of continual improvement becomes reality as we help others through our giving and sharing, both are soft skills.

Think about these, it is a start-

· Transparency

· Listening

· Creativity

· Empathy

· Enthusiasm

· Encouragement

· Love