Greatness is Earned

“Big dreams create the magic that stir men's (and women’s)souls to greatness”.

Bill McCartney Recently my great friend Chris Johnson of On Target Living made an appearance on the radio program and our topic was ‘Becoming a Higher Performing Culture’ (episode 567). Chris is great on this topic as it is he and his crew of dynamite speakers (son Matt, daughter Kristin) bread and butter. The big take away for me is the message he delivered about his own personal quest to sharpen his own saw.

Work it, polish it, make time for it, constructively chunk it, and have laser-like focus on achieving it.

You gotta want it to ‘Crush-It’!

CJ could rest on his body of work, he has earned it. He has done the grinding and traveling, he has been there and done that. He talked about refocusing and getting more done to make himself better so he can help others rise up and help society.

We all can do this, and we must.

This is a family affair gang! Family as in together, we Michiganders. We can achieve greatness, greatness in health, well-being, financial freedom, happiness and a well-balanced life. What are you doing to own your own destiny?

For me it’s doubling down on making the radio show the best I can make it. Doing the readings, making the prep time, writing better articles, staying on my game in the gym and focusing on my own model of 'ESPM' (eat, sleep, poop, move) and of course, loving my family.

Sharpen the saw, grind it, stay with it, do all the little things that make it look easy. Accountability to the goals (owning the dream is a personal quest) can drive you to your own greatness.

You game?

Try these tips-

· Carve out time

· Say no to limiting beliefs

· Acknowledge distractions and plan around them

· Diligence in the calendar and events

· Love yourself