‘Generation Us’

“Each generation imagines itself to be more intelligent than the one that went before it, and wiser than the one that comes after it”.

George Orwell

Often times marketers use audience segmentation to sell products. When this happens, and it does, the perpetuation of generational ‘segments’ becomes something that we all accept as someone’s gospel. It has a ‘stickiness’ that, well, sticks.This in turn builds a division, an ‘ageist’ society that helps no one, creates anxiety and a loss of collective goodwill.

I believe it is time for the newest of mindsets; I want to call it ‘Generation Us’.

Continuing to label our generations is a good way to fracture our growth as a society. It breaks down communication and socialization. I propose ‘Generation Us’ as our newest bridge to the future. This bridge can lead us all to a place of well-being, harmony, happiness, and productivity creating a positive energy spiral instead of what I call the NET; the Negative Energy Tornado.

Here is a list of the past centuries segments-

· GI Generation-1901-1924

· Silent Generation-1925-1945

· Baby Boomers-1946-1964

· Generation X -1965-1976-

· Millennials- 1977-1995

· 1996 & up - Generation Z

Each generation was labeled to embody certain qualities, skills and behaviors. Labeling is another way to say “judging”, and it creates and perpetuates segmentation. We can do better, and we have the opportunity to do just that. Living healthy, happy and productive we can anchor the future for positive growth.

By collaborating and communicating, by cooperating and empathizing, by respecting and listening we have the golden opportunity to build and leverage technology, work ethic and potentials. I like this little equation-

Small wins + Incremental steps = Sustainable Change




Let us all raise the BAR, which stands for-

· Believing In

· Accepting All

· Respecting Everyone

With this we win and ‘Generation Us’ becomes the new new thing!